Remote working

What working online would be like?

I can offer you a 15 min practice session to familiarise yourself with the platform and get a feel for how our therapeutic relationship would work. Allowing you to make an informed decision on whether you would like to proceed with further sessions.

Our Agreement

Together we will produce a working agreement. I may send and/or request additional information from you.

Be aware that the normal ‘rules’ apply to working on the telephone or online as face-to-face. We will agree an appointment date and time that is suitable for you. We will also discuss confidentiality.

Contact between sessions is bounded by the contract we will agree to in our first session.

Session environment 

It should be a safe, private and therapeutic space for yourself. Something I understand can be challenging if there are others that may overhear you in your surroundings.

Please ensure that you are in a comfortable position and be aware that I will be able to see the background of the room or place you are in.

If you are uncomfortable with my background, feel free to mention it so I can try to adjust my background to suit your needs.

Having these items close by may be handy; some tissues, a drink, a notepad and pen, or a diary, just in case you need to jot anything down.

Interruptions and Distractions? 

Try to minimise the distractions present in your room or surrounding environment. If you wish to mask your conversations from others outside your room, you could put on the radio or play some music.

Multi-tasking can be detrimental to the session and what you will get from it. I advise clients to avoid using their phones during the session unless you are using the phone to communicate with me or noting appointments.

It could be useful to arrange a signal with your therapist (a prearranged word or phrase) if you fear being interrupted and would want to end the connection at short notice.

We will make sure an arrangement is in place for me to contact you back if the remote session is interrupted (loss of signal, connection, etc).

Self-care after the session 

Therapy can bring up lots of emotions so try to give yourself time to reflect afterwards. As away from online sessions you would normally have a journey home to adjust to the therapeutic work you’ve just done.

Little pointers that may be helpful:

· Jot some thoughts down

· Listen to some music

· An activity such as a game or puzzle

· A phone call to a loved one or friend

· A walk

To prepare you for the world outside therapy only you will know what works for you, so tailor it to your individuality.

Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts