Anger management

Anger is a normal emotion, but when it becomes uncontrollable it may create problems for you in various aspects of your life. It can stop you thinking rationally, meaning you make rash decisions, behave aggressively, or be violent to others.

You may even suppress this anger and begin to direct it towards yourself. This can lead to self-harm, drugs, alcohol, or eating disorders. I can help you to explore where those feelings may stem from, recognise your unhealthy patterns and introduce helpful coping strategies.


Anxiety is more common than you think, in 2013 there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK. Mental health statistics: anxiety | Mental Health Foundation

Anxiety is often linked to common mental health illnesses or a traumatic experience. Not only may you feel unbearable apprehension or worry, you may also encounter physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, palpitations, light headedness, restlessness, or irritability.

I can work alongside you to help identify, understand and challenge your anxious thoughts in a gentle way, and to face those things you may be avoiding.


Bereavement can be difficult. It’s ok to need some support to work through your feelings. It’s normal to feel anger, sadness or loneliness when someone close to us dies, or you suffer the loss of a pet. Therapy can help you come to terms with your

loss and the changes and impacts this may have on your life. It is important to remember there is no timescale for grief.

I offer a safe space for you to process your feelings, share memories, and your story of how this has impacted you.

Child related issues

Just like adults, children may need emotional support to explore their feelings. I can offer an outlet through play therapy/sand therapy. I believe this helps children make sense of their experiences. Allowing them to reflect on their different feelings, what is going on for them physically, and how they relate to the world. Unresolved childhood issues may impact us as adults and you may also find this way of working helpful.


Depression is the predominant mental health problem worldwide. Do you recognise these signs in yourself? are you feeling low? Have a lack of energy? A sense of worthlessness? Do you believe this is effecting your life making everyday tasks feel challenging? This is something we can work through together in a safe space in a non-judgemental way. To help you improve your mood so you can begin to enjoy life again. You deserve to be happy.


Stress can be helpful to us at times and can spur us on to achieve our goals. However too much stress can impact our health and wellbeing. I can help you look at ways of managing your life differently. Helping you to cope in a healthier way.

Session prices

Remote sessions online/telephone: £35 (per 50 minutes)

Face to face sessions: £40 (per 50 minutes)

Be brave enough to heal yourself even when it hurts